Materials To Make Storm Windows

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FRAME: we use 1 x 4 pine and rip them in half lengthwise. We purchase "select reject" pine from a mill in their pre-assembled packages, .50 per board foot. (500M) After we rip it all we cut around the bad spots when we cut out the frame pieces. We get six lineal feet of frame stock per board foot and subtract about 25% for defects.

We assemble the frame by drilling counterbores. (Fuller, Type "R", number R-1, Jamestown Distributor part number FUL-R1, TYPER R COUNTERBORE. We counterbore about 1/4" deep. A counterbore leaves a square bottom to the hole, not tapered like a countersink.

The counterbore will need a drill bit: taper length, 1/8". Taper length is longer than a regular bit. Available through N.H. Bragg, PTD 051008

To assemble corners we use #8 panhead screws, two per corner. Some groups use sheetrock screws and countersinks, but we have found these tend to split the wood as beginners tend to over-torque the screw. We pre-drill only the sides by using a small drill press, we almost never get a split and so find pre-drilling the cross pieces a waste of time.


From Not an easy site to negotiate, and no phone orders.

#314-- Item 33E00-00002. White mounting tape, double-faced tape .03 x .5 x 216' per roll. Minimum order of 12 rolls. Figure two wraps around each frame with this tape, one to secure each side of plastic.

(We have tried ATG tape from United Supply (for picture matting). It does not work as well and requires much more skill to use. Cheaper, but we had to quit using it.)

#191-- Item 33114-00062. Ethertape PSA-1, black foam weatherstripping, .5 x .5 x 70'. This is the last item applied to panel.

PLASTIC FILM: From ULINE, Product S-12989. It is 20" by 3500', 75 gauge polyolefin. It unfolds to 40" wide. Phone 1-800-295-5510. Very heavy roll, we made a dispenser for it.

If you get a tear in this, simply fix with packaging tape.

PACKAGING TAPE: we buy Staples best tape.

NOTE: we are not liable for egress in case of fire. You are responsible to have good tabs or knobs in place to assure quick removal in case of fire.

Our cost is about $1.00 per square foot. We have now assisted others to make hundreds of these, and now do this on a donation basis.

For Basic Instructions on how to measure for storm windows click here.

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